Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Opinion Roundup; Florida Is Part of a Republican Tide

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Opinion Roundup; Florida Is Part of a Republican Tide

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While the Democratic Party has been winning the White House in recent years, the Republican Party is winning nearly everywhere else.

The impact can be seen in the huge field of Republican presidential candidates.

And the Republican rise has been so relentless that in a recent New Republic piece, Suzy Khimm described the Democratic Party as being "in free fall."

Since Barack Obama won his first election, Democrats have lost 11 governorships, 30 statehouse chambers, more than 900 statehouse seats. And they have lost control of both houses of Congress.

Here in Florida, Republicans hold every statewide office except Bill Nelson's Senate seat.

During presidential elections, two solid Democratic voting blocs - young people and minorities - turn out in big numbers. But they don't come out in similar fashion during non-presidential elections.

And Obama used his own political machine in Florida, often bypassing the state Democratic Party.

So it's true that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is an early frontrunner to win the presidency next year.

But the trends suggest that even if she is elected, Clinton will have a hard time helping other Democrats - all across the country - win their races, too.


Evan Thomas is the author of "Being Nixon: A Man Divided" - a book on former President Richard Nixon.

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Thomas lists strong similarities between Nixon and Hillary Clinton.

Nixon was an introvert in an extrovert's business, just like Clinton.

Nixon had enemies, both real and imagined, as does Clinton.

Nixon had a "resentful, suspicious attitude toward the press," as does Clinton.

Under stress, Nixon tended to stonewall and become defensive, just like Clinton.

"There is every reason to believe that President Hillary Clinton would spend her presidency lashing out at her enemies as she ducks small scandals and possibly large ones," Thomas writes.

Would Clinton's presidency end as tragically as Nixon's? That's sheer speculation. Who knows how she would react in the most powerful job in the world?

But as Thomas writes, Nixon's personality flaws were well known before his election, and so are Clinton's.


The poor performance of the airport safety checkpoints would be funny if the stakes weren't so serious.

Federal undercover investigators have sneaked prohibited items with ease past airport screeners, The Associated Press reports.

And we're not talking about shampoo bottles that were a bit too large. We're talking about things like simulated bombs and weapons.

In all, prohibited items went unnoticed in 67 of 70 tries.

That is scary.

Rep. John Mica, the Central Florida Republican, said he is not surprised. …

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