Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: It's the Parting of the Ways; COLUMNIST

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: It's the Parting of the Ways; COLUMNIST

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Byline: KATE FOX

AM going to be breaking up with her.

It's been coming for some time. We never had much in common, truth be told. By the end she could rarely muster even a pretence of interest in what I did or how I felt.

I kept up an interest in her job and her diets, but we could pass whole hours in silence.

She had very fixed ideas about how I should look and about what was good for me.

The last straw might have been when she told me she wouldn't do what I wanted and certainly wasn't open to the ways I wanted to experiment.

I think she actually felt a bit threatened that I wanted to go off and do more for myself.

She liked me being dependent on her. My friends asked why on earth I was still with her as she didn't seem to make me happy.

We might have limped on for some time more though, with increasing resentment on both sides, but I've met somebody else. Somebody who makes me feel good, who asks me all about what I do and seems to find it fascinating.

She's got interesting thoughts too and time just flew by when we spoke. She said she liked that I had a brain. I felt a bit disloyal at first when we got involved. But that just melted away when she laid her hands on me. The time she was willing to take. The lengths she was willing to go to to make sure I was happy. There was no "We can't do this" or "That doesn't suit you".

After an hour of knowing each other she even came up with an idea for something new I could try that I'd been tentatively thinking about for ages.

Basically she just really gets me and it was instant.

The trouble is she's based in California and I'm not up for a long distance relationship or a holiday romance.

Trust me to meet someone perfect for me who's thousands of miles away.

What it has shown me though is that life is too short to be unhappy. …

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