Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Happy End to Ordeal

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Happy End to Ordeal

Article excerpt

Byline: Judy Whicker

IT WAS about 11am on a Sunday when I received a call from a couple of friends who were heading out to the shooting range past Calliope, on an old dirt road.

They had come across a dog with blood all over his head, dragging along his mate who was tethered to him by wire.

Both had horrific injuries to their heads and also what appeared to be stab wounds to their bodies.

I told my friends to take the dogs immediately to the vet and I would meet them there.

What I saw when I arrived brought me to tears.

Here were these two beautiful dogs, a wolfhound and a bull arab-cross, less than eight months old, with the most horrific injuries.

To top it off - and this is probably what saved them - they had maggots, literally hundreds of them, crawling out of their wounds.

I was joined at the vets by another volunteer, Tammy, and we both sat on the floor with these babies and soothed them and gave them as much love as we could.

We decided to christen them Sergeant (wolfie) and Major (bull arab).

The vet spent hours cleaning their wounds and put them on a drip, advising us the dogs were severely injured, malnourished and dehydrated so they would need to spend some time in hospital.

These babies received great publicity and it was from this we started receiving information that eventually led to the arrest of a "man" (and I do use that term very loosely).

An informant happened to tell me the person who did this was trying to give these two dogs and another one away at the Calliope Hotel on the Friday night.

He had seen the three dogs in the back of a ute, in the rain and the cold.

I wondered where the third dog was so decided to go for a drive out to where the others were found to see if there was another dog injured and lying in the bush.

Unfortunately there was, but this young fella hadn't made it. …

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