Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Put Me through to the Anorak

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Put Me through to the Anorak

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Byline: COLUMNIST Like us on Facebook It's a funny old world MIKE MILLIGAN

I'VE just seen the government's latest hike of costs for students.

So as well as making me feel sorry for the current generation, it's made me think of my own experience at university in the eighties. Are things really that different? To start with, the financial side of things was on another planet from today's generation. As a working class kid, I received a full grant and because of that, I became the first member of my family to go to university.

Sadly education is rapidly becoming a realm for privileged again, with many working class kids being priced out. Moreover, those who do become students, often ending up at the Micky Mouse, fagend of the system at the University of Narnia that used to be a garden centre on an industrial estate in Runcorn, where they do combined fruit machine studies with advanced graffiti management.

Afterwards,they graduate with the employment prospects of Yosser Hughes and the debt of the Greek state pension scheme.

Moreover, back in 1982, I wasn't alone in my situation because a lot of kids of a similar background to mine benefited too.

Even upon arriving at my hall of residence the shock of meeting 'posh' kids for the first time was tempered by a reassuring smattering of regional accents.

Every course had its clutch of random scousers, brummies or Geordies standing out from their middle class colleagues; some were so out of place you might think they were on witness protection!

So what other things have changed? A massive difference has to be technology, as back in '82 mobile phones and iPads existed only in science fiction; only the cast of Star Trek could do such stuff, although I can never recall Captain Kirk texting 'beam me up Scotty, LOL!' Or having Klingon Facebook friends.

Yes kids , when we wrote up an assignment, we did it in PEN. I'll say that again in case the young 'uns think its a typo - PEN!

That's real ink on real paper and if you made a mistake it was either tippex or start the whole freakin' page again. …

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