Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Liberals Find Ways to Fuel Racial Tensions

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Liberals Find Ways to Fuel Racial Tensions

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Byline: Star Parker

So now the Confederate flag has been removed from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol in Columbia.

Gov. Nikki Haley started it, and the job was finished by Republican state Rep. Jenny Horne, who identified herself as a descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and made an impassioned plea to move the bill to remove the flag.

But this will not be good enough for liberals.

In 1963, newly elected Alabama governor George Wallace took the oath of office in Montgomery, former capital of the Confederacy, and issued forth his famous phrase, "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."


Racism is a mind-set that strips individuals of their humanity, that casts them as objects, that denies that each is a unique divine creation.

The moral power of the civil rights movement was to wake up America to this truth. It succeeded because it appealed to the moral conscience of the nation. It prevailed because it was a religious movement led by a Christian pastor and not a political movement led by a community organizer.

But what came next was a far different story, and it is why pulling down the Confederate battle flag, although a laudable and positive step to move the country in the right direction, will not make much of a difference.

When civil rights turned into laws, when it moved out of the church and into the hands of politicians and the politically ambitious, it took on the same characteristics of the disease it was meant to


When civil rights law became not about obliterating unequal treatment under the law but about using political power to socially engineer outcomes, the same individuals whose humanity we wanted to save were turned into new kinds of political objects for liberals to manipulate.

As a result, we engraved race awareness and differences deep into our national political culture, almost guaranteeing that an era where people are judged by the "content of their character" would be impossible. …

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