Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Tomlin Had Faults but He Added a Touch of Magic

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Tomlin Had Faults but He Added a Touch of Magic

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Byline: Bernie's Bolt with Bernie Slaven THE GAZETTE THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 2015 EGA1ST Follow us on Twitter @EveningGazette Bernie's Bolt with Bernie Slaven

IT MAY be good business to sell Lee Tomlin but speaking as a fan I'm disappointed to see him go.

A lot of supporters these days sound like accountants when they talk about transfers and to be honest all that leaves me cold.

I'm not bothered about pricetags and profit and percentages and making the books balance. That's for the men in suits.

I just want to see great players on the pitch, players who excite me and get me off my feet - and we had that in Lee Tomlin.

I was a big fan of Lee Tomlin and I stuck up for him when he was getting stick last year from some for being inconsistent or not working hard enough.

And maybe he should have got more goals.

But he was good on the eye and had a bit of magic about him and he could make things happen and that is what makes football exciting for spectators.

He is a throw-back in a lot of ways. He didn't look the fittest and maybe lacked some pace.

But he was excellent on the ball, he dropped a shoulder and beat a man and spot a pass noone else could plus he had a lot of little tricks and flicks in his armoury. That's what fans want to see.

And he is cheeky too. He has a bit of impudence on the pitch and you need that or you wouldn't dare try some of those things.

And yes, not everything came off and sometimes he would lose the ball but you have to be brave and try to make things happen if you want to win games.

He has an arrogance about him too. You saw that on the pitch when he spun Vincent Komapny and off it when he started taunting the Manchester City man on Twitter.

He needs to be careful now because that might come back to bite him on the bum now he's in the Premier League.

So I am sad to see him leave.

Obviously there are conflicting tales about how he left and why he left the stadium so quickly before the Getafe game but that's football. …

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