Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Poor Excuse for a Vacation

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Poor Excuse for a Vacation

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WE'RE right in the middle of the studios leaning heavily on remakes and reboots, and now that has extended down to the comedy classic, National Lampoon's Vacation.

If you don't remember the original Chevy Chase road-trip comedy to Walley World, don't worry - this film doesn't hinge on you being an expert in all things Vacation.

First time directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein haven't opted for a remake or family-friendly follow-up in keeping with the later instalments in the franchise.

Rather, they've given the original Vacation a full-fledged sequel complete with even raunchier jokes than the surprisingly racy original, which must be one of the most hilariously inappropriate family classics of all-time.

Unlike the original, this Vacation trades heart for mean-spiritedness.

Rusty Gristwold's geeky eldest son is the constant target for cruel jokes we're supposed to laugh at, while the younger sibling is portrayed as a budding psychopath - whose antics are supposed to be hilarious but never are. …

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