Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

No Need to Be Overly Alarmed

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

No Need to Be Overly Alarmed

Article excerpt

THOUGHTFUL hubby took his bride to Darwin for a week to escape the winter chill of Toowoomba.

One afternoon while relaxing in their unit, hubby heard the fire alarms going off.

His wife wanted to evacuate as per instructions over the PA system, but the lad decided that, as the building was only recently built, this would be a false alarm.

Fifteen minutes later, his wife alerted him to the fact that all the other guests and hotel staff had assembled on the footpath across the street in the presence of the fire brigade and finally persuaded him that they too should leave.

This led to the second argument of the moment as he then refused to use the stairs instead of the lift as is required in these types of circumstances.

As the lift doors opened on the ground floor, the couple was greeted by hotel management and fire officers who "politely" inquired as to why they had ignored evacuation instructions and used said lift.

Not one to panic, our man simply hit the "close doors" button and sent the lift back up to their floor, telling his startled wife "they won't know what room we're in".

On the world map

MORE than a few readers dropped a line into Whispers central regarding a particular mention of the Garden City on a British television show. Here's one letter to explain:

"Even the BCC knows about Toowoomba," the reader writes.

"The new series of the BBC drama 'Last Tango in Halifax' screened at 7.30 on ABC last Saturday night.

"During the show, two of the main characters were talking about going for a long holiday to visit old friends who had moved to Australia. 'They've moved to Toowoomba. It's west of Brisbane. He got a job at the university there'.

"Even the BBC script writers know about Toowoomba. God bless that new airport!"

What's in a name?

SOLICITOR fell victim to Hollywood mix-ups while representing a client in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Thursday. …

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