Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is a Reid Reunion Finally on the Cards? PICK OF THE DAY RIPPER STREET (BBC1, 9pm)

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is a Reid Reunion Finally on the Cards? PICK OF THE DAY RIPPER STREET (BBC1, 9pm)

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HAVING been held captive for years, then finally escaping the clutches of Long Susan, Mathilda is now wandering the dangerous streets of the East End alone.

And in one of the best episodes yet, the tension is almost intolerable as we are willing the long-suffering Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) to be reunited with his daughter who he believed to be dead.

In the opening scene Drake (Jerome Flynn) finds Reid looking a bit rough sitting on a beach and staring into space. He's clearly not had a shave for a while.

"Your girl lives Mr Reid, let's get you home sir," he says, as the usually cold-hearted Reid breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Susan (MyAnna Buring) is grumpy that she's lost Mathilda - rather careless of her to be honest.

But she's in even more trouble when Reid turns up demanding to know where his daughter is.

"You had me believe she was dead," he yells, practically choking her to death.

Realising Susan doesn't have her, Reid then proceeds to storm around London roughing people up in a desperate bid to find her, before the police put a stop to it. They are still after Reid in connection with the death of Horace Buckley, but agree to send out a search party for Mathilda if he stops beating people up. Chance would be a fine thing.

Meanwhile, poor Mathilda, who has no real idea who she is or where she's from, is wandering aimlessly when she is 'befriended' by renowned pimp, Harry. He wins her over with a hot jacket potato and then proceeds to lead her to a brothel where fortunately she manages to do a runner again.

Will Reid ever be able to track her down? Come on, we can't take it anymore...

WE LOVE SOAPS EMMERDALE (ITV, 7pm) PETE is guilty as sin, and when he finds out Emma has called the police, he goes into a major panic. And to make matters worse, he hears the police have found a body and think it may be Ross.

Meanwhile, as the police question Cain, he also struggles to keep his cool. And Emma tells Cain she won't rest until she can prove he's guilty.

Elsewhere, Tracy finds a DVD with Val's last wishes, but Pollard can't face watching it.

EASTENDERS (BBC1, 8pm) AFTER Sharon has seen a text message on Phil's phone from "K", how on earth is he going to talk his way out of this one? But the brute that he is, he just grabs the phone and says he needs to go to St Pancras for something.

Highly suspicious, Sharon and Ian follow him to find out what he's up to - will they discover that Kathy is still alive? Elsewhere, Stacey is scared to take her medication while pregnant.

CORONATION STREET (ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm) THERE'S devastating news for Eileen when doctors tell her Jason may never walk or talk again and the next 24 hours are critical. Meanwhile, Todd is upset when the police question him about Jason's assault, because none of his family had bothered to tell him about it. …

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