Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Will Tracy Save Carla's Life Again? CORONATION STREET - ITV 1

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Will Tracy Save Carla's Life Again? CORONATION STREET - ITV 1

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FEELING overwhelmed by guilt over the fire, Carla threatens to commit suicide - until Tracy finally admits she was responsible for the blaze that cost two people their lives.

The confession gives Carla a new lease of life, and she makes a fresh start at the factory, stunning Aidan by thanking him for saving the business.

She also reports Tracy to the police - can the errant Miss Barlow talk herself out of yet another sticky situation? Elsewhere, Zeedan moves in with Leanne to protect her from further assaults from Simon, while Anna and Tim are shattered when it becomes clear that the Hodges are not returning from Canada with Miley - although Faye doesn't seem to care. Jason returns home from hospital with revenge on his mind, and the object of his ire - Callum - has a proposition for a stunned Kylie and David. Andrea discovers she's pregnant, and Hope has a biopsy.

EMMERDALE - ITV1 THE day of Bob's court case arrives - and so does Carly, who owns up to her part in the fraud. But will it be enough to free her dad? Her last-minute appearance certainly does nothing to put Harriet's mind at rest, as she's still concerned about Ged's next move, and when she later discovers Sandy asleep in a gas-filled room, she jumps to the conclusion that the criminal is behind it. However, when Bob confronts his cellmate, it seems Ged has no idea what he's talking about...

Elsewhere, Belle's growing feelings for Kirin might not be the only complication at the drink launch, as a paranoid, drug-fuelled Jai makes a scene, and Vanessa gets knocked over in the ensuing chaos. When she then goes into labour, Adam is nowhere to be found, and it's Kirin who is by her side.

Alicia and David clash over whether their future lies in Emmerdale or Portugal, Dan announces his plan to become a paramedic, and Pete is pleasantly surprised to have James's support, but Debbie is proving to be much less forgiving.

EASTENDERS - BBC1 JANE is finding it increasingly hard to live with the prospect of Max going down for a crime he didn't commit - and it seems even Ian is struggling to bury his head in the sand after the newly released Dot admits she wishes she'd turned Nick into the police for his own good.

Sharon |anything However, when Ian's way of dealing with the pressure involves grabbing Bobby and leaving in the middle of the night, Jane decides the only option left is to confess to Lucy's murder herself.

Sharon pleads with her not to do anything rash, but it's Phil who steps in just as Jane is about to speak to Keeble, insisting he knows what really happened to her stepdaughter...

Meanwhile, Phil has problems of his own when he receives what he thinks is another message from Kathy, only to learn it was sent by Gavin.

Whitney covers for Lee, Dot tries to help Cora, and as the anniversary of Dean's attack looms, Linda is less than impressed when her family organise a surprise. …

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