Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


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Crime solving is cult viewing PICK OF THE DAY LEWIS, ITV, 9pm ANYONE with a phobia of maggots or who is having macaroni for their tea might want to look away when Hathaway and Lewis come across their first body - half buried in a wood, hastily covered with leaves and now crawling with a heap of the wriggling little critters. Not a pleasant start to proceedings.

Still, it takes more than a few milky-hued creepy crawlies to ruffle our Oxford detectives who are well adept at handling the sight of unsavoury corpses. The pair soon work out that the murder is linked to a semi-religious cult with its roots in alchemy thanks to the image from a book that has been deliberately left at the crime scene and a distinctive tattoo adorning the victim's chest. More alarmingly their clue-finding soon leads them to believe that three more killings could be imminent.

As the hunt for the murderer gets underway, requiring a visit to an S&M club where Hathaway looks about as comfortable as a pig in a butcher's shop, their investigations bring to light more secret society members with matching tattoos.

Meanwhile a group of Oxford students fall under suspicion when it transpires one has links to the parlour where the victim got their body etching, another has lied about his whereabouts on the night of the murder and a third is having a secret relationship with the victim's sister, played by Foyle's War star Honeysuckle Weeks, right.

As the plot thickens, the two detectives know they must act fast to prevent any further murders but given that this is a two-parter and we've got another hour to go next week, you don't have to be a detective yourself to see that all the signs point to more innocent folk falling prey.

WE LOVE SOAPS EASTENDERS (BBC1, 7.30pm) IT'S just like the old days when Kathy puts on her pinny and gets to work behind the counter of Ian's cafe. However, she's got more than cheese toasties and cups of coffee on her mind when she confides in Ben and tells him she can't go through with the plan to get rid of Gavin.

Ian's having none of his mum's wobbling and when she turns up at a family meal things go badly down hill.

Before long he has left his mum open mouthed by dropping the almighty bombshell the Beale clan has been covering up for so long.

What could that possibly be? EMMERDALE (ITV, 7pm) LAURENCE decides he and Bernice should throw an impromptu engagement party at Home Farm to celebrate their happy news - although the only people feeling happy about it, quite frankly, are the couple themselves.

However, when Cain learns from Pollard that Chrissie was seen with a gun on the night of Robert's shooting, he hatches a cunning plan.

Chrissie is horrified when unwanted guest Cain crashes the bash and unsettles the assembled party-goers with some shock news. …

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