Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

One Giant Leap

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

One Giant Leap

Article excerpt

Byline: Robyn Courtney

RONA grabbed my hand and pulled me along in pursuit of the other two who had dashed off towards a doorway. I caught a glimpse of them as they disappeared through the gap. As we stepped over the threshold, a rush of hot air hit us and we began to fall...slowly.

The sensation I imagine was comparable to parachuting. Like a feather gently floating to the ground.

The wind noise in my ears was extremely loud - similar to sticking your head outside of the car window at 100 kilometres an hour.

My feet touched down on the floor. Rona was still holding my hand.

"That was unreal." Grete's excited face came into focus. "A vertical wind tunnel."

"Oi." It was Haste trying to grab our attention and beckoning us towards where he was standing.

He was looking through a window into the same room we had seen from above. The workers were back at their stations once again, punching data into their keyboards and scrutinising the weather maps. This time we could hear what was being said through speakers mounted overhead.

"Target North West Africa at 15 hundred hours. Engage sand storm. Countdown to begin in one hour."

I was starting to piece the puzzle together from information I had read in history files and explained to the others what I thought was going on. Twenty years previously in 2015, a conference to discuss the effects of climate change was held and representatives from many governments around the world had attended.

They found it difficult to come to a consensus on what needed to be done and hence little was achieved.

No further symposiums were held after that.

It was believed that a rogue climate change authority had set out to demonstrate how destructive mankind had become by sabotaging any reforms but nothing could be proved and no one could locate the group. …

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