Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

UK Couple: We Went Back in Concert Hall to Rescue Friend

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

UK Couple: We Went Back in Concert Hall to Rescue Friend

Article excerpt

Byline: Kiran Randhawa in Paris and Benedict Moore-Bridger

A BRITISH couple who were at the Bataclan concert hall when the terrorists opened fire today told how they went back inside to save a friend.

Maria and Patrick Moore were among the first to flee through a fire exit when the shooting began but then risked their lives to rescue Brian Sanders, 55. He had been knocked over in the stampede to escape the massacre and had broken his shoulder so could not get out.

Mrs Moore, from Southampton, told how her husband grabbed her and used her as a battering ram to get to the fire exit. "We heard and saw the gun shots but as we were running out it sounded like the terrorists were following everyone out the door. When we got outside we suddenly realised our friend Brian wasn't with us and we had to go back for him.

"We went back to the exit door and found that he has been knocked over in the stampede and was just inside. He was crushed and his shoulder was broken so he couldn't get out the door. It was the exit door you could see on the video online where the pregnant lady is hanging on the window and where people were running out and screaming. He was being trodden on so we grabbed him by the collar and yanked him out. We just forced him out and ran away. We just couldn't leave him behind, he's such a lovely bloke. We could hear the gunfire getting closer and closer all the time."

Mrs Moore said that as they were helping their friend, Eagles of Death Metal lead singer Jesse Hughes, who had been performing, ran past them with his girlfriend, yelling at her: "Run, baby, run."

Another survivor of the concert massacre told today how he and others escaped by barricading themselves in a room. Denys Plaud, 47, said they cowered in the dark as a gunman was shooting on the other side of the wall. He told the Standard how he ran after hearing gunfire and screams into the small room on the first floor with a girl who appeared to have been shot in the stomach and blocked off the door with a fridge. They had to calm down a "hysterical" girl who kept crying "I don't want to die" as they hid from the terrorists, he said.

"I was followed by several people, we huddled into a room and the last person in was a girl who had been wounded. There was a fridge in the room, we pushed it quickly against the door and then sat in the dark, terrified for our lives, hearing the killing going on just outside the door. At one point I leaned against the wall and felt the impact of the bullets shot from the other side. The gunman was firing at the wall. We all stayed silent, turned our phones off and kept the light off."

Ninety minutes later the group was rescued by police and escorted from the building. They told the survivors to look straight ahead to avoid the horrific scenes of death and destruction. …

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