Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Pond Scoggin Candidate Has Drive to Win

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Pond Scoggin Candidate Has Drive to Win

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Byline: Terry Dickson

Terry Dickson has been busy at the RSM Classic golf tournament on St. Simons Island and begged off writing a column. Fortunately, he left some timely correspondence from Bubba Gene Hightower, mayor of Pond Scoggin, Ga., a non-golfer, we're told.

Dear Mr. Dickerson,

I hope this finds you and yours fine and otherwise dandy. As for me and Guynell and Bubba Guy, that's our onliest boy, we are doing right good and are ready for some Thanksgiving vittles.

Mr. Dickerson, I got myself all excited the other day and it turned out to be for no reason whatsomever. I was settin' at the caution light at the crossroads when one a them big car carrier trucks blowed through loaded with vehicles and says I to Guynell, "Reckon somebody's opening a car lot?" I figured that would create some local jobs not to mention make tradin' a car more convenient than drivin' to Waycross or Brunswick or Jacksonville. Course, not many folks around here trades cars in Jacksonville 'cause by the time we get ready to trade 'em they ain't enough left in 'em to make the trip.

So me and Guynell follered that truck and it went slap through Pond Scoggin and pulled up in front of the barn at George B. Clinton's homeplace, him not moved back from Dothan, Ala., but about three months ago.

He sauntered out to inspect the load and told the driver to get 'em off and put 'em in his big pole barn, and I says, "George W. You collectin' cars?"

He reckoned he wasn't, that he had a purpose for ever' one a them and said they was campaign cars. When I asked what kind of campaign, he said he hadn't studied on it long enough to figure that out, but morn likely something statewide.

When I asked why he needed so many of them, he set in to explainin'.

"This here beige 2003 Crown Victoria is for campaigning amongst the elderly and for visitin' the sick and shut in friends and neighbors to get their votes. …

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