Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

A Few Bakeries Still Have Holiday Yule Logs

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

A Few Bakeries Still Have Holiday Yule Logs

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Byline: Sandy Strickland

Dear Call Box: Way back in the 1970s, Waldz's Bakery in Arlington made what was called a yule log. I have not been able to find one of that quality since then. It's a cake made at Christmas time that's sort of rolled up like a jelly roll and frosted to look like a log. It usually has holly leaves among the decorations. It would be nice to find one in time for this Christmas.

M.E., Avondale

Dear M.E.: We remember the late lamented Waldz delicatessen and bakery, which was in the Town and Country Shopping Center and closed decades ago. However, we did find two other places on your side of Jacksonville that make yule logs.

The logs are often served with one end cut off and set atop the cake or protruding from its side to resemble a branch. A barklike texture is often produced by dragging a fork through the icing, and powdered sugar sprinkled to resemble snow. Other cake decorations may include fresh berries and mushrooms made of meringue.

Old Cup Bakery and Cafe at 3604 St. Johns Ave. in the Shoppes of Avondale has a footlong yule log in its display case featuring chocolate ganache with buttercream filling and meringue mushrooms. The bakery formerly was known as Let Them Eat Cake. Its number is (904) 389-2122.

Edgewood Bakery at 1012 Edgewood Ave. S. will have yule log cakes closer to Christmas, an employee said. The bakery, which has made yule logs in the past, plans to come up with some new ideas, though the design is yet to be decided. Call (904) 389-8054.

Dear Call Box: During October and November, a dead bat was seen near our work site. Also on my porch, I saw what was either a female cardinal or a bat. If bitten by a warm mammal, please advise where we would go in Jacksonville. Can we go to an emergency room and begin the shots for rabies? Also, where do we go if bitten by a venomous snake?

M.C., Jacksonville

Dear M.C.: Registered nurse Debi Forrest, a certified specialist in poison information, said to thoroughly wash the bat or snake bite area with lots of soap and running water. If bitten by a bat at night and on weekends, go to the emergency room, she said. If bitten during the day, call your county health department for instructions. In Duval County, the number is (904) 235-1000

Report stray animals to Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services at (904) 630-2489 and animal bites to the Florida Department of Health in Duval County at (904) 253-1280.

For poisonous snake bites, go to the nearest emergency room and also call the Florida/USVI Poison Information Center - Jacksonville, said Forrest, the center's education coordinator. That number is (800) 222-1222. If you're within 10 minutes of the nearest emergency room, you can drive yourself there. If you live farther away, you might consider calling 911, she said. …

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