Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

A Real TV Turn On

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

A Real TV Turn On

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Byline: COLUMNIST Like us on Facebook It's a funny old world MIKE MILLIGAN @choochsdad

'YOU Kids watch far too much telly'.

This is me talking to my boys most days during the Christmas holidays - ironically, it is also my parents talking to my sister and me in the far off days of the 70s. How ridiculous that sounds now.

Yet to me mam and dad, we really were in danger of becoming goggle-eyed if we watched the News at One AND Crown Court in one marathon session.

The News at One...ahh memories. I always knew I was late getting back to school after a home dinner if, on passing a certain house with a visible colour telly, I could see those opening credits of a pair of green hands floating over a typewriter keyboard.

Aye, even these weren't proper kids programmes, ye watched what ye could as the screen was often as blank as a FIFA official's memory when facing a corruption tribunal.

Too much telly? We wished!


If I wanted to creep downstairs and sneakily view the box while getting ready for school, it wouldn't be to watch a Skyplussed or cable channel Simpsons omnibus like my two. If we were lucky we might catch some beardie weirdo in flares and sandals lecturing on thermodynamics for the Open University, or that test card lass with the blackboard and the clown.

Back then, the television actually reflected the total absence of a 24 hour culture that we take for granted now.

When the screen went blank you knew the rest of the country was shutting down too. It was a natural rhythm like the seasons.

You even knew the time of year just from the telly; Robinson Crusoe, White Horses and the Banana Splits meant it must be the Easter holidays whilst The Great Escape only got aired on Christmas Day.

Moreover, on that special day, the whole country would sit down and watch the Morecambe and Wise Christmas special; only in those days could two middle aged blokes share a bed before the watershed without raising an eyebrow ! …

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