Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

My Resolution Is Not to Make a Resolution!

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

My Resolution Is Not to Make a Resolution!

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Byline: LINDSAY BRUCE The chaotic life of a working mum

FOR the first time ever I have decided not to make new year resolutions.

Partly because I have never, not even once, managed to stick to them for longer than it took to write them down, and partly because if the last 12 months have taught me anything it's that life rarely goes according to plan so I don't want to begin the year by setting targets that I probably won't be able to achieve.

I'm not being cynical, I just hate not being the best at things. So like the great 'I'm not doing Maths anymore, instead I'm only doing English and art because I'm good at them' debacle of 1992, for 2016 I'm setting myself up for the win.

That said, I was determined to start 2016 on a healthier footing. In preparation for the year end, instead of watching re-runs of Christmas specials over and over and getting rid of all the luxury festive foods by eating them, we switched off the telly, tipped all the festive food into a rucksack and trotted off to Beamish for the day.

With a goal of walking at least a mile every day now that I'm past the healing stage in my recovery, Beamish is the perfect place to do it.

Family wrapped up for winter: check.

Actual weather conditions more like spring: check.

Therefore, a rucksack full of hats and scarves being carried around Beamish: check!

I had decided before we left that I would at least attempt to cover the abundant acreage of the Victorian open air museum on foot. A brisk walk up the hill would compensate for a stop-off at the baker's.

A trot down the hill would make up for the bag of rhubarb and custards I bought in the sweet shop, but no amount of leg power would cancel out the fish and chips we shared. Cooked in real Victorian fryers filled with beef dripping... My mouth was watering and my arteries clogging simultaneously.

Happily though, Beamish was still set up for Christmas when we stomped around the grounds.

Festive drinks, reindeer, Twelfth Night activities, a ceilidh band in the Old Hall but most importantly... Fake snow! That's right. The wee Scottish girl trapped inside me was able to satisfy her need for an annual wintery photo complete with bobble hat, scarves and the beautiful white stuff. …

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