Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Obama's Gun Proposals Draw Comments

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Obama's Gun Proposals Draw Comments

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President Barack Obama has announced new executive orders to address gun violence.

One key focus is to expand the use of background checks, a move supported by a huge majority of Americans.

An article on ProPublica shed doubt that stepped up background checks would do much to stop criminal activity. Academic sources said that criminals often obtain guns from family or acquaintances, not from gun shows or from online sales.

The president said in his town hall meeting Thursday that this is just one step in a series to reduce gun-related deaths, comparing it to car safety.

He said illegal guns are obtained in Chicago from nearby Indiana where background checks are less strict.

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Look at some facts first:

- With some 300 million guns in Americans' hands, a criminal is not going to any licensed place to get his weapons.

- A person with criminal intent will not make known his gun ownership.

- It has been stated by some authorities and commentators that none of the recent killings would have been prevented with stricter gun laws. I believe that is true.

- Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but their killing rate is horrendous.

However, I do look favorably on requiring background checks that may save some lives. But I believe neither this nor any other law, even a law that would make owning a gun illegal, would prevent those intent on using guns to commit crimes. Force is the only thing that will stop them. That's right, the "force" would be someone with a gun - a police officer or ourselves.

Ted Wight, Jacksonville


Any amount of gun control submitted will not solve the problem. Bad guys are still going to get guns or other devices and use them against innocent people.

I believe President Barack Obama is pushing this through so his "legacy" shows he is doing something to curb violence.

The sad fact is, it just isn't going to happen.

Joe Nuetzi, Jacksonville


President Barack Obama thinks the Constitution is a thorn in his side, thus he publishes his edicts (executive action). Enforce the gun laws currently on the books.

Bob Dickson, Jacksonville


If all that is done is background checks for gun shows and online purchases, then I can live with that. If it goes beyond background checks, then no way.

As far as executive orders, I don't like him sidestepping Congress even though the 535 spineless overpaid legislators give him most of what he wants.

Tom Bass, Jacksonville


It makes little difference what anyone thinks. The NRA runs the country. …

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