Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Six Fresh Kitchen Trends; Make Sure Smart Technology Has an Obvious Benefit before Investing Too Heavily

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Six Fresh Kitchen Trends; Make Sure Smart Technology Has an Obvious Benefit before Investing Too Heavily

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Byline: Alice Bradley

KITCHENS are constantly evolving as technology and designs improve. So what are the latest trends and how do they affect your options for a kitchen redesign?

Winning Appliances CEO David Woollcott explains six of the latest trends surfacing in the kitchen.

Steam ovens & steam cooking technology

If you've been looking for an upscale apartment in the last 12 months, you will have come across countless real estate ads promoting state-of-the-art kitchens, complete with the latest steam ovens.

So for those of us still operating a regular old convection oven - what are they?

A steam oven cooks your food using small injectors of steam, producing a less dry heat than your standard oven and removing the need to baste meats and vegetables in fats and oils to keep them moist.

Woollcott says steam injecting technology has been available for a very long time, but in Australia it has really only taken off in the last two years.

"The steam oven has pretty much replaced the microwave now," he says.

Steaming takes longer than microwaving - an extra five minutes - but the nutritional benefits make it well worth the wait.

"You retain 80% of your nutrients when you steam as opposed to losing 80% when you boil or microwave," Woollcott says.

"Which means ultimately your getting the full benefits of what is pretty expensive fruit and vegetables these days."

A combination steam oven - popular with gourmet chefs - combines the benefits of steam cooking with all the necessities of a multifunction convection oven.

These machines can come with specific settings, like "bread", that will bake dough conventionally for however long it needs. Before the cycle finishes, the cavity will fill with steam to give your loaf a crusty top. It will look like a professional made it.

"You're likely to impress your friends, which is what it's all about," Woollcott says.

If you're considering selling your property down the track, a steam oven can also be tremendously valuable.

"The quality of these products means that if you were to renovate and put a steam oven in, there will be a noticeable increase in the value of the property."

Go European with appliances that blend in

Minimalism has been a trend in kitchen design since the early 2000s, but now appliances blend into their environment as they are made from the same materials used in cabinetry.

This contrasts with the American or colonial look which positions large, flashy appliances as showpieces of the kitchen.

"I think the European style is ultimately more desirable for Australian tastes... using really high quality kitchen appliances and allowing them to sit there elegantly but somehow blend into the environment."

The American look - bigger is better

The American style is more suited to a larger kitchen/dining space with room for commercial-grade appliances. …

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