Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Smart Phones Changed Our Lives; BYTE ME

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Smart Phones Changed Our Lives; BYTE ME

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Byline: with BRUCE kERR

TODAY'S article will look at a device that has become so popular and so sought after that most people believe they can't ever live without one - the smart phone. How technology can drive trends is nothing short of viral and the evidence is everywhere you walk, especially if you visit a mall in Brisbane or a railway station or airport terminal.

Such is the fascination with smart phones that we have people sometimes walking into each other or worse, walking into cars or even trains! We even see crowds queueing overnight to get the first released phones of a new model. Many people will be familiar with the capabilities of these devices; however a quick rundown of their many uses as well as some handy hints could prove helpful.

Let's start with the obvious category of use which is that of making or receiving a phone call and again we will concentrate on the more modern crop of smart phones - ones released in the last year or two. The benefits of a smart phone over a standard mobile phone are many. In this category we have the added features of being able to split your contacts into groups and the ability to assign a particular ring tone and or picture to many of your most common contacts.

With a smart phone you have the ability to see who is calling if they are in your contacts as well as being able to conference a call or reject a call with a text message. You can also call direct to a business or phone number that you have just searched for on the web and add directly to your contacts. Other very standard features are simple things like adding the last dialled or received numbers to your contacts list.

When it comes to SMS messages (texting) smart phones add the ability to send combined content messages such as text with pictures or web links. …

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