Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

In Reply; Many Americans Are Mad, Frustrated

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

In Reply; Many Americans Are Mad, Frustrated

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Byline: Ruby Ranne

I read Ron Littlepage's column in the Sunday newspaper as I usually do because I like to consider all points of view, especially in these conflicted, political times.

I am glad to know that Ron is happy with our country just the way it is and that he still has all of his liberties intact.

This would indicate that he has no issue with the situation that many others find themselves in because of their own religious or personal beliefs.

The Little Sisters of the Poor were targeted by the government's partisan health care policies.

Religious owners of businesses were targeted by the government's health care policies and the president's far-reaching executive actions.

Conservative groups were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.

The president and the Justice Department have disregarded laws they don't like.

Evidently, Littlepage is OK with all of this. And here are some more things that must not bother or affect Littlepage:

- Kids are subjected to sharing rest room facilities with members of the opposite sex against their common-sense objections.

- Hard-working Americans are paying for illegal immigrants' benefits.

- There are increasing terrorism threats due to porous borders while refugees are dumped here from Third World countries,.

- There is ramped-up violence against our police.

- Free speech is being targeted in public universities.

Two-thirds of the American people polled consistently say our country is headed on the wrong track.

They are afraid their children and grandchildren will not have the same opportunities that were afforded to generations past and that America's best days are over.

However, I am going to postulate that most radical, '60's-era liberals are quite happy with the way America is today.

They think that their vaunted political opinions and "morally superior" social positions are relevant again. …

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