Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Election Appears to Be More the Devil We Know

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Election Appears to Be More the Devil We Know

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HAPPY Easter everybody! It's Good Friday as I write this.

I am not a church-goer these days but I appreciate the significance of the day.

There is the pseudo-religious cricket match between Pakistan and Australia this evening as well as the unholy clash between the Broncos and the Cowboys.

That's a good way to start the holiday.

Putting my prostate gland to one side, if that's physically possible, please allow me to thank lots of people who have offered encouragement and a successful glanding.

I get stuck into some treatment after Easter.

Meanwhile I shall use the benefit of partial hindsight to impress you with largely irrelevant personal observations on the council election.

The election was a peaceful doddle compared with the out-and-out chicanery being enacted in Canberra over recent weeks.

Chicanery is a very nice way to describe the mixture of self-interest and fluid policy pronouncements that are the stuff of recent political jiggery-pokery.

I hesitate to get involved in that heavyweight battle with Malcolm in the Middle, Tony sniping from the sidelines and little Bill licking his lips.

Blackmail is a nasty word but it comes to mind as the honourable senators face the prospect of a double dissolution and a premature return to real world jobs.

So, locally, I applaud the near-certain return of all the former councillor candidates.

This is despite weeks of hearing gossip about how uninspiring many of them were alleged to have been before their re-election.

Perhaps I should simply marvel at an untested counting process that was supposed to use a piece of whizzo computer technology, but was severely tested by creases in the ballot papers.

It sometimes does make you wonder who is in charge of the asylum.

In front of me as I write I have the state of play from the counting of 32 of the 63 booths. …

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