Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Can the Mitchells Stay United for Mum's Sake? EASTENDERS, BBC1

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Can the Mitchells Stay United for Mum's Sake? EASTENDERS, BBC1

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PEGGY seems to have come to terms with her illness as she dispenses words of wisdom to Ian and Stacey, but Phil and Grant, who arrives in the Square this week, are having a much harder time accepting their mum's decision.

Sharon, Kathy and Shirley all do their best to support Phil, and his brother also turns to an old flame for comfort during this difficult time. But can the warring Mitchell siblings put on a united front for Peggy - and if so, will they be able to keep it up after she succumbs to her illness? Stacey feels more confident about her wedding knowing that Peggy has forgiven her for Archie's demise, but news of the Mitchell matriarch's death leaves her wracked with doubts again. Will the big day still go ahead? Ian has to make a final decision about the future of Beale's, but he has bigger things to worry about when Bobby overhears some upsetting news and lashes out with devastating consequences...

Meanwhile, Bex and Shakil grow closer, and Kyle makes a discovery.

NEIGHBOURS Channel 5 NED spots Brad and Terese sharing an intense moment, jumps to the conclusion that his father is betraying Lauren and tells Piper all about it.

Brad and Terese share a moment Terese, meanwhile, will stop at nothing to prove Paul's guilt, and the dodgy businessman is left feeling as if he has hit rock bottom after firing Aaron and breaking his collar bone.

Toadie reveals that Sonya's uncle Walter is trying to reconnect with her, but he won't allow it until the newcomer gets clean first.

Eventually, he and Terese bump into each other while drowning their sorrows, and it isn't long before they find comfort in each other's arms.

HOME AND AWAY Channel 5 DYLAN asks Kat to make their reunion official so that they can build a life together, and she agrees. Kat is obviously smitten, but that makes her oblivious to his obsessive behaviour.

Did Ash cheat on Phoebe? In an attempt to aid her recovery, Irene opens up to Hannah about the abuse she suffered and the loss of her baby to adoption. Hannah, meanwhile, has plans for the future with Chris - but any hopes that Ash and Phoebe may have had of a lasting relationship are dashed when he admits he might have cheated on her.

Ricky wonders if getting married is a good idea after all, and Isla takes drastic action after discovering that Harry is planning to move awaystate with their daughters.

HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 SILAS and Lindsey's unholy alliance looks set to break down when they let themselves into the Roscoes', intending to get to Mercedes, only to find she's not there.

Lindsey's waters break Silas vows to go it alone, but when Lindsey's waters break, he takes the mum-to-be to the garage, where they discover Joe's phone - and come up with a plan to get their prey. As Kim tries to sneak her sister into the hospital and Joe goes in search of his phone, Silas corners Mercedes for a deadly game of chess. …

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