Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

News Quiz

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

News Quiz

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1. The U.S. government recently announced it would regulate electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products. Which of these is NOT one of the new rules?

A. Manufacturers and importers must submit products for FDA approval

B. In-person and online sales would be prohibited to anyone under 21

C. Vending machine sales (except in adult-only establishments), free samples would be banned

D. None of the above

2. To which entity did Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet issue a mild rebuke for failing to timely notify the state about a lowered bond rating?

A. Jacksonville University

B. City of St. Augustine

C. University of North Florida

D. UF Health Jacksonville

3. President Barack Obama will soon become the first sitting U.S. president to visit which city?

A. Ho Chi Minh City

B. Hiroshima

C. Pyongyang

D. Chechnya

4. A Duval County School Board member has complained about an action after a November board meeting. What did she say happened?

A. …

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