Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Can You Spot the Future Classic?

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Can You Spot the Future Classic?

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Byline: Matthew Hansen

THE debate about future classics has existed in the motoring media for decades, as writers of all colours and creeds would attempt to, effectively, predict the future by spotting future favourites.

Yet these days more cars are being designed, built, and sold as mere appliances. Buyers often ignore driving dynamics and timeless design when choosing a car, focussing more on smartphone connectivity and an endless list of nannying safety features.

It makes selecting a post-millennium list of future classics that bit harder to narrow down. But that won't stop me from giving it a go, so here are my top picks.

Mitsubishi Evolution X

Here is what's arguably Mitsubishi's crowning moment as a car manufacturer, dragged through an incredibly long and monotonous manufacturing cycle from 2007 until just this past March.

For myself and many others, the nine or so years of the Evo 10 have been torture. A brilliant car in 2007 has had to deal with continually evolving rivals over that time, making do with the humble tools it had. Some have crowned it as the poster child of the end of Mitsubishi's strong focus on performance, as its long-term sparring partner the Subaru Impreza fights on alone.

Its depressing demise will only add to its allure and history years from now, potentially making well-maintained examples a desirable commodity.

Tesla Model S

Many will remember Tesla's Model S as the first example of an electric car to truly transcend car buffs, tech geeks, and those in the mainstream.

Capable of incredible acceleration, and looking a million bucks next to every other "green" rival, the Model S will also be the car people forever associate with the way apps can reshape the way we look at motoring; the overnight introduction of autopilot functionality being a great example of this. …

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