Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Think First before Resetting Your Router

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Think First before Resetting Your Router

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IF YOU are a regular reader then you will have read my articles about Microsoft's forced Windows 10 upgrade antics.

Despite world-wide pressure to revoke this hard line approach Microsoft has not changed their current method of tricking people into this upgrade and it continues to catch users.

In particular many people with paid for 3rd party software such as accounting programs are finding they need to either spend money to upgrade their software or try to roll back to their previous version of Windows.

The other thing we are noticing a lot of lately are customers with router problems.

Largely due to the NBN upgrades happening around Central Queensland there are a greater than normal number of Telco outages - especially Telstra / BigPond ADSL connection issues.

These outages are due to telephone exchange upgrades or simply the telecommunication pits on our sidewalks getting disturbed.

If you have an ADSL Internet connection that all of a sudden stops working it may not be the fault of something inside your house, but rather a Telstra issue that they need to resolve.

In fact chances are if you were not doing anything to your router, not installing new software and not shifting your PC then you are best not to try to 'fix' things yourself for a period of time.

Usually Telstra will restore outages due to their own fault within a few hours.

When customers leap in the deep end and try to go fault finding is when things are often going further pear- shaped, and one of the worst things is the dreaded factory reset on the router.

So what is this all about?

All ADSL modem/routers have a tiny little semi concealed button which is often just labelled "reset".

This button can normally only be pressed by a sharp pen, lead pencil or paperclip and it resets the router back to the factory defaults. …

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