Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Point of View; Government Oversteps on LGBT Issues

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Point of View; Government Oversteps on LGBT Issues

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Byline: Philip Wemhoff

Following the federal transgender "bathroom" mandate, Duval's school superintendent revealed that he had implemented that LGBT manifesto years ago.

However, school policy goes beyond bathrooms, allowing males to enter female locker, shower and dressing rooms - viewing minor girls in all stages of undress - and to utilize dormitory and sleeping arrangements if they're part of "any education program or activity".

LGBT students aren't required to prove gender identity. Longstanding modesty and privacy rights are abolished, threatening student safety. Thwarted is the foremost duty of parents: To protect their children.

The School Board must support concerned Duval families, who, like residents of many states, oppose the federal mandate.

Illinois activists ridicule security fears as "hysteria - the anatomy is the least important indication of gender."

Michigan officials tell fearful girls "to look at the wall" and boys to stand closer to urinals.

Teen girls display far greater wisdom as quoted in the "Now we have someone with male genitals in our girls' locker room when we are changing;" "The locker room is already filled with so much judgment [we don't need more];" "It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate one person."

Government "bathroom" edicts have immense, negative consequences:

- Sex mingling within dressing facilities is an invasion of privacy, a civil offense which governmental bodies are unethically promoting. Transgender "rights" mean everything, but the privacy, modesty and safety of the vast majority mean nothing.

- Adaptations forced upon non-LGBT people will be endless. Williams Institute, the LGBT think tank, defines 15 "genders," Facebook lists 71 genders and New York City guarantees 31 "genders" that their feelings won't be hurt.

Government, now the "protector of feelings,"must pander to an ever-expanding "gender" multitude.

- Irresponsible public and private costs will soon multiply - without the slightest LGBT protest.

New York City considers the wrong transgender pronoun so hurtful that $250,000 fines are imposed to ensure submission. …

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