Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

CARL GILLESPIE; the Politics of Choice Hot News about Chilli

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

CARL GILLESPIE; the Politics of Choice Hot News about Chilli

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BY the time you read this we will probably know what the UK decided in the "Should I stay or should I go?" vote on the EU.

For some it's a great question, - raising a range of even greater possibilities - while, for others, they'll have been wondering, "Do I need to renew my passport to leave the EU?" Admittedly I'm not the most politically minded person; the last time I felt literally compelled to vote ... Ben Haenow won the X Factor. Which is great, except I voted for Fleur - so perhaps I'm not the best indicator of public opinion.

Even when I first heard about "Brexit" my first thought was, "Does the world really need another breakfast cereal?" And my next was, "Why are some so keen on only letting us eat it outside of Europe?" But, I know, each to their own. I'm not the most level of heads when it comes down to even the smallest of decisions.

I once spent 20 minutes in the preserve aisle of Tesco trying to decide whether I wanted peanut butter or Nutella - only to realise that, once I got home, I had nothing to spread it on, because I had forgotten I went for bread. #Bredxit Even when it comes to musical tastes, when asked who my favourite Beatle was, I said "Ringo" because I couldn't decide between John and Paul.

(I'm just kidding ... it's George by a country mile.) But maybe we could all learn from this debate - perhaps even people less politically inclined than myself could too.

When it comes to asking your self if the juice is worth the squeeze - or more so, "Should I stay or should I go?" - it's not just the EU.

If you spend more time talking about cancelling your wasted gym membership than you spend time in the gym - leave.

If you're meant to go out tonight but you've just got back from work, you can't really be bothered, and then you remembered Netflix has the new season of Orange Is The New Black - stay.

Admittedly it's hardly politics at its finest, but at least you don't have to engage and sit through minutes of a Boris Johnson speech before logging into your Netflix account. …

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