Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Clever Hyundai Top of the Class

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Clever Hyundai Top of the Class

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Byline: Steve Orme

ONE DAY last week Mrs O pointed to the far side of an hotel car park and demanded I take her back to her youth.

Blimey, I thought, it's broad daylight and anyway that was Binky Messerschmitt's wedding and we were all very, very drunk.

As it turns out she wanted to ride shotgun in a VW Scirocco GTS but was making a good point about lost years.

A lot of what I drive these days seems to be so middle aged and practical. Well that's life. It is where we are at, man and in the interests of gender balance, woman.

The GTS does bodice ripping numbers, handles like a headstrong polo pony and were it not for the sports seats, would demand your passengers be Velcroed by the underwear.

Which simply will not do in a world of road tax by boredom.

Go away, young man and study an advice leaflet on baby seats while surrendering boot capacity figures to the ministry of sensible shoes.

We have become obsessed with some dubious numbers which make a VED difference of PS100 or so a year, less than two quid a week, not even enough for a bag of black market sugar.

Cars have to be beneficial first and foremost for endangered Peruvian voles and restrained as a Girl Guide uniform.

City cars are a good example. Once young people were keen to make happy XR2 and GTi noises razzing around the streets. Now they mince about wearing a pair of emaciated legs and foolish pumps. Should it rain the choice is between trench foot and wet rot.

If they have a car at all it is dangerously slow, cramped and with a solidity suggesting it was once home to delicious Tea Time Assortment biscuits. Exciting? Yes, like cut flowers.

So it is going to take something to surprise me in the city car sector. And Hyundai's i10 has done just that.

It is available with one or 1. …

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