Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

I Might Be Able to Get Some Kip Now PETTIFOGGERY

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

I Might Be Able to Get Some Kip Now PETTIFOGGERY

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Byline: Lindsay Bruce

I DON'T remember being this sleep deprived since the boys were babies. Thanks to a night of unintentional insomnia where I caught Andy Murray in action my Olympic addiction went from mild to critical. Thus, despite team GB now winging their way home, the cumulative result of many nights watching athletes in the wee small hours, is that I cannot keep my eyes open and normal life seems dull in comparison.

To be fair, I'm also shattered because I had my sister-In-law and her three kids staying with us for a week, preceding a weekend of two weddings and visit from my mum and niece.

I blame Mr B. "Just watch this one race," he said. "They're only here for a few days," he said. "What's one more person in the house..." Ha. I can't even yawn without needing an energy drink to refuel me.

His sports fascination and the fact I'm not allowed to leave him alone post seizure means my life has been inundated with well meaning family members who are here to "look after" the kids while I work. In reality they are here babysitting Nathan which means we have been kipping on the couch (facilitating the Rio addiction) during the night but I still need to get up for work next day.

I'm grateful for a new trick I've learned since getting my specs. I hadn't realised the light shining on your glasses could block out the fact your eyes are tightly closed begins the lenses. Since learning said nugget of wisdom I have been slightly more confident in tackling three-hour board room meetings knowing I can shut my eyes for some muchneeded relief in between agenda items.

I'm putting firmly in coffee gods, that caffeine enough sustain All the rest of the time I'm putting my trust firmly in the lap of the coffee gods, praying that caffeine will be enough to sustain me. It's going to be fine. I mean, now the southern contingent of the Bruce family have returned from whence they came, and my mother and cranky little niece have headed north again, I'm basically back in charge of my three Brucey boys and myself only. …

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