Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

With Trump in the Ring, the Joke Is on Uncle Sam; STATESIDE

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

With Trump in the Ring, the Joke Is on Uncle Sam; STATESIDE

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MAKE no mistake, Donald Trump is now on the flight path to defeat and, come November's election, the Republican party will be crash landing at Loserville. Barring a political storm diverting rival Hillary Clinton off course, the Grand Old Party (GOP), as they are known here, will be consigned to another four years in the wilderness.

Crucially, if Trump continues as he is, their progression, as George W Bush has predicted, may be put back decades.

You see, the main problem with the guy is, from one day to the next, voters have no idea what they are going to get.

Who he is today will be someone totally different tomorrow. This week alone we have had Trump the offender, Trump the repentant and Trump the bully.

The only constant is Trump the buffoon.

It seems even his own team may be starting to realise it.

Having bulldozed his way to the Republican nomination, Trump was in need of an experienced, seasoned professional to act as ballast to his ever-listing ship.

In came Paul Manafort, who, like a plastic surgeon, tried to patch up his new boss to make him more appealing to the American public.

The veteran consultant, installed as chief strategist, injected a bit of political Botox helping Trump to deliver his first policy speeches on national security, law and order and the economy.

Manafort's expertise helped fool people into believing Trump was a serious contender.

Those looking for an alternative to Clinton believed the businessman, under Manafort, had a command of the ideas he put forward.

The reality, however, was very different. All Trump had learnt was the ability to read an autocue.

But on Friday, just two months after campaign manager Corey Lewandowski stepped down, Manafort went as well. The man, seen by many as the one person who could professionalise Trump, had walked.

In his place, the billionaire put Steve Bannon, a media provocateur in the property mogul's own image.

His appointment signalled that in the final 75 days of his presidential campaign, Trump will be guided by a team which indulges his deeply held conspiracy theories and buys into Gwyneth away from his disturbed views on the world. …

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