Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Coffee Cups Bring Gaddafi Memories

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Coffee Cups Bring Gaddafi Memories

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I ASKED my wife what she thought I should write about this week.

"Knees," she said without hesitation, "knees and why mine hurt much more than yours do".

She was riding her bike in our spare bedroom, pretending to be half her actual age and gloating about the number of kilometres she had completed. There was a frightening look of pain on her face and a large scotch in her left hand.

I've often noticed that she drinks with her left hand when her knees are playing up, so I knew it was real pain and not just attention-seeking.

Sore knees are something she shares with me, along with a passion for the Broncos and a love of pork crackling with apple sauce. Really crisp pork crackling can make up for lying awake most of the previous night as the pains shoot around the knee caps and up into the underwear.

Both of us have had knee surgery at various times. It only seemed to work until you've saved up enough money to give a rival surgeon the go-ahead to repeat the torture. Her challenge is somewhat different from mine.

She has knees that, for much of the time, function remarkably well for somebody who once played hockey (by choice). Then, just when she has convinced herself it's all in the mind, the big Lock Up occurs.

With little apparent warning her left knee, in Roman times referred to as her articulatio sinistram genu, locks up. It refuses to bend and causes her to use the most profane language even by Mort Estate standards.

"I'll give her 'til half time", I tell myself. "If it's not better by then we'll have to think of substituting her before she does any permanent damage".

Usually the scotch will be starting to click in before that happens, but I make a note that she might need a hand with the dishes later in the evening ...

My own articulatio genu is quite different. …

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