Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Duck the Unpleasant Realities of Life

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Duck the Unpleasant Realities of Life

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THE three Ds - death, divorce and dementia - are things none of us want to think about. Yet if you're reading this you're likely old enough to know life isn't always happy and hassle free. So, cheery chap that I am, I want to encourage you to sit down and have the 'unpleasant issues chat' whether with your parents or children.

Ignoring this costs. Not just financially, but in hassle and emotion too, for you and your family. So I plan to be candid and unemotional. Unpleasant issues happen and you need to plan. Here are four of the big ones.

FREE WILLS YOU'RE going to die, ensure you minimise the impact on your love ones. Die will-less and your affairs can be in limbo for years. So, whatever your age, if you've assets (eg, house, savings, a business), and people you'd like to look after, consider making a will.

This is even more important if you live with your partner but aren't married or in a civil partnership. Your partner has no status under law. If you die, they may not get the house or even the kids - even if you've been together 37 years and have six children.

Making a will, the right way, can be costly. For full help, see my cheap wills guide at, which runs you through all the options.

However right now Will Aid month offers solicitor drafted wills (the gold standard) for far less than you'd usually pay. Go to the website to chose a local solicitor to book an appointment.

The solicitors give their time in the hope you'll make a donation to one of nine charities, including Action Aid, NSPCC and the British Red Cross. The donation requested is PS95 (PS150 for couples), which you can make online before your appointment.

DON'T IGNORE DEMENTIA RISKS ONE in three over 65s will develop dementia. I'm 44 - thankfully I can't foresee losing mental capacity, but I do have a Lasting Power of Attorney set up, in case. …

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