Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Seven of the Easiest Herbs to Grow at Your Home

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Seven of the Easiest Herbs to Grow at Your Home

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IF you fancy yourself a bit of an at-home chef, you've probably dropped some serious coin on expensive supermarket herbs.

If you have a recipe that calls for a combination of flavours it's easy to clock $10 at the checkout on herbs alone, which isn't the most financially sustainable way to cook.

The good news is that it's pretty cheap and easy to grow your own herbs at home - you just need to know which ones are the best, where to put them and how to take care of them.


Basil is a leafy and fragrant herb that grows beautifully in full sunlight. Basil loves moist but well drained soil and requires lots of pruning when it's in full season.

When a branch of your basil has seven or eight leaves, it's time to give it a prune to allow for new growth.

Basil works well in Italian dishes and can be made into pesto pasta sauces or added to salads.


Summer is not ideal for coriander to grow but spring, winter and autumn should see your coriander plant in full bloom. Coriander plants like sunny spots in the garden, well drained soil, regular watering and fertilising.

It grows well in the ground and in pots and makes an excellent container mate for other plants and herbs. Coriander is a pungent herb that complements Indian and Asian dishes.


Rosemary is arguably the easiest herb to grow. If you plant it in a good spot, it will provide you with more rosemary than you'll ever be able to cook with. Rosemary plants can grow quite tall and wide but can still live happily in large pots and containers. It can survive well in hot and dry climates so be careful not to over water or over fertilise it.

Rosemary is a hearty herb that works well with winter foods like soups, stews and baked potatoes.


Not unlike other herbs, parsley flourishes in sunny areas, but it's a hardy, versatile herb and can handle some shade. …

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