Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

My Side of the Story; What Bunnings Means for Flood Survivor

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

My Side of the Story; What Bunnings Means for Flood Survivor

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Byline: Gerard Hemmings

I WISH to clear up the matters that I, Gerard Hemmings and other people that I know of who are voicing their opinions publicly and those who are speaking generally; we have no objections to Bunnings building a new store in Warwick.

It is the location that is the problem.

The location on the flood plain, above bridges that were built many years ago.

These bridges were built up on high pilings and the approaches built up on both sides, this would have done in good faith and goodwill to have the bridges above flood level to allow the traffic to run freely whilst the river is in flood.

When the Condamine really rises this does not work.

I have studied the flood situation in Warwick for many year. The McCahon Bridge in Victoria St blocks the flow in the first place, which in turn backs the water up to the OO Madsen Bridge on the highway. This causes the flood plain above these bridges to fill with huge volumes of water over a couple of thousand acres, which creates a major flood event as the flood plain is full of water before the peak of the flood gets to Warwick.

This infrastructure put in place causes enough problems without any new infrastructure displacing water and causing higher flood levels.

My belief is there is ample land out of the flood plain for Bunnings or any other new businesses coming to build in Warwick.

Mayor Dobie, Deputy Jo and co have responsibility to see that these businesses are well catered for and make it easy for them to establish themselves in town.

It is also important that mayor Dobie, Deputy Jo and Co protect the rights and values of the people living in our town of Warwick and surrounding farms, which apart from damage to crops, lucerne that is under for 12 hours dies. I lost $20,000 worth of hay when the water reached our hayshed.

Many farmers met the same fate, then there are fences and other assets.

After all these businesses that are going to be affected have been established in the town for many years, paying rates, employing people and injecting money into the shops and businesses in the main street.

We deserve without question to be protected by any sitting council and to think that any business wishing to set up in the town would respect the privileges and rights of all the homes that are up to 100 years old and for them not to build on a site that will cause further problems. …

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