Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

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Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

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Byline: Justin Toper

CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20 CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 Talk about saving the best for last. Indeed, others may be good at keeping secrets. Don't be surprised if the silence is broken, if not shattered at the end of the week. The revelation when it comes might not be that shocking, because you have been waiting to receive the nod.

At home and work, things should tick along quite nicely. So many stresses and strains, problems and pressure will begin to disappear, though you can't afford to relax your efforts completely. Further changes are afoot, and your role could change quite considerably. Fortunately, you will benefit more than most.

For weekly readings call 0903 658 2001 (75p/min + access charge) For weekly readings call 0903 658 2007 (75p/min + access charge) AQUARIUS JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19 LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 You're keen to implement certain plans, even if it involves a long term commitment. Everything should go swimmingly between now and the end of the week. Your only concern is letting yourself go, especially if you have been neglected before. Worry not. This will be a time of uplifting developments.

You should get to your destination quickly, safely, and easily today. Try to lighten up a little. For some amazing aspects suggest that you should be committed to plans or arrangements involving your closest friends. Events that happen aren't random. The same in a way applies to a traveling companion.

For weekly readings call 0903 658 2002 (75p/min + access charge) For weekly readings call 0903 658 2008 (75p/min + access charge) PISCES FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 20 VIRGO AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 22 Cash matters are still well starred. Putting money away for a rainy day or if you are thinking of starting a family or putting a deposit on a house should be easy to maintain. Whatever you are saving for, this is one time when you can afford to be frivolous.

Not only should you have more disposable income. How you negotiate joint finances is important. At times, others will be generous to a fault, not that you value material possessions that much. A professional dispute will also be resolved, even if it means working out a new system. You should feel grateful.

DINGBATS(r), 2009: vector trace Scan from DINGBATS(r) 1987 game board For weekly readings call 0903 658 2003 (75p/min + access charge) For weekly readings call 0903 658 2009 (75p/min + access charge) R=255 G=0 B=0 R=185 G=0 B=0 ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 23 DINGBATS(r) Red DINGBATS(r), 2009: for normal use You seem unusually exuberant and relaxed for a change. Life is suddenly more exciting, even if you have to pass up certain plans. Indeed, there are new and exciting challenges to face. This means breaking out of your comfort zone, and you will feel proud of yourself for doing so. …

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