Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


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WEDDINGS rarely run smoothly in Weatherfield, and sure enough, Cathy and Roy's big day turns out to be more of a damp squib than a celebration - and that's not because of the Manchester climate.

Cathy has been using a dictaphone to practise her vows and accidentally hears Roy's confession to his friends last week. She tries to hide her shock and joins Roy in church but can't keep silent and confronts him at the altar, asking him if he really wants to marry her.

There's more disharmony when Anna learns that Peter wants her out of the flat so that he can move back in, prompting Kevin to offer her and Fay a place to stay round at his. She admits she's so ashamed of her scars that she can't bear to show him her body.

To make matters worse, Phelan accuses her of sending poison pen letters, so Kev, ever the knight in shining armour, tries to scare the dodgy builder off.

But when Phelan is found close to death after being attacked, Kevin is the prime suspect - however, Andy knows more than he's letting on about the incident.

Elsewhere, Mary researches ghosts from the past and Robert feels increasingly drawn to Michelle.

EASTENDERS BBC1 NO ONE seems to be feeling very festive in Walford at the moment, least of all Phil, who announces that, as this might be his last Christmas, he'd rather spend it alone than in the bosom of his loving family.

Sharon tells the rest of the Mitchells they need to respect his wishes, but then the clan receives some news that could change everything.

Meanwhile, Roxy is also in a maudlin mood, prompting Donna to make a surprising suggestion, and a police public protection officer objects to Jay living under the same roof as Louise.

So, it's left to Billy to generate the Mitchells' seasonal cheer - and even the discovery that he's been burgled doesn't get him down. At least seeing his optimism in the face of disaster reminds Linda that things could be a lot worse for the Carters. …

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