Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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WIGTON December 27 Hopes Auction Co, Wigton held their weekly sale of Primestock when there was an entry of 19 Cattle, 2 Bulls and 1031 Prime Sheep including 30 Ewes.

The top price of 240.5 p per kg was paid for a Limousin Heifer shown by DA Harrison, Hill House, Aldoth. The top price per head for heifers was PS1462.00 for a British Blue which shown by Messrs Lee, Langrigg House, Aspatria.

Steers sold to a top price of 229.5p which was paid for a Limousin shown by DA Harrison, Hill House, Aldoth and purchased by M J Wharton, Wholesale Meats, Wigton. Top price of PS1408.74 was paid for a Steer shown by S & D Peile, Parkgate Hall, Wigton and was purchased by RJ Harrison, Butcher, King St, Wigton.

Bulls sold to 204.5p and PS1242.61 and was paid to TA Byers, Ellen Bank, Boltongate for a Limousin.

HEIFERS Per Kilo: Limousin 240.5 237.5 Hill House 237.5 236.5 226.5(2) Kirkland Hall, British Blue 212.5 Langrigg House, Charolais 212.5 Kirkland Hall Per Head: British Blue PS1462 PS1433 Langrigg House Limousin PS1414 PS1408 PS1390 Hill House PS1377 Kirkland Hall Charolais PS1364 PS1347 PS1336 Kirkland Hall STEERS Per Kilo: Limousin 229.5 Hill House 221.5 Parkgate Hall Per Head: Limousin PS1408 Parkgate Hall PS1322 Hill House BULLS Per Kilo: Limousin 204.5 Ellenbank Per Head: Limousin PS1242 Ellenbank PRIME LAMBS Just over 1,000 head forward to finish the year and a trade similar on the week producing an SQQ pf 202.15p with a full range of breeds forward.

First cross Export type lambs making PS35-PS40 over the weight and a firmer enquiry for heavier types than in recent weeks. More lambs required for next week please and normal selling resumes. Happy new year to you all.

The top price per head was PS134.50 and 320.2p per kg paid to R Hall & Son, Inglewood Edge, Dalston selling Beltex weighing 42 kgs.

Per Head Beltex PS134.50 PS123.50 PS114.50 PS112 PS109.50 PS105.50 PS104.50 PS100 Inglewood Edge PS122.50 PS115.50 PS114.50 PS108.50 Elm House PS112.50 PS102.50 Parkgate Hall Dutch Texel PS123.50 PS110.50 PS106.50 Cobble Croft PS115.50 PS103(2) The Laurels PS112.50 Upper Cleugh Texel PS110.50 Low Garth PS104.50(2) PS100 PS98 Lesson Hall (Dixon) PS101.50 PS100.50 Prior House PS100.50 PS95 Westward Parks PS98.50 Allerby Hall PS96.50 Bridgebank PS95 Hunters Place Rouge PS94.50 Chapel Farm, Blue Texel PS90 PS88 PS86 Stanger Hill, Millenium Bleu PS87.50 PS87 Chapel Farm, Suffolk PS83 Greystone House PS83 Bridgebank PS80.50 Dundraw PS79 Ellenbank, Cheviot PS76.50 Bridgebank, Mule PS71.50 Greystoke Castle PS71(3) Bridgebank PS71 Sherriff, Blackface PS64 Hill Crest, Swaledale PS50.50 Hill Crest Per Kg Beltex 320.2 283.9 278.7 271.4 267.1 260.5 Inglewood Edge 314.1 275.9 275 273.5 Elm House 259.6 241.2 Parkgate Hall 244.6 Abbey Cowper Dutch Texel 294 259 Cobble Croft 281. …

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