Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Shining a Light on Mental Illness and 83-Year-Old Bones

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Shining a Light on Mental Illness and 83-Year-Old Bones

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Byline: Zorba Paster

Dear Doc: Thank you so much for your article in the paper on being proactive about discussing depression with your doctor. What a critical point! I also have been writing about this for years in whatever local publication will have me.

I am very passionate on this topic. I suffered from depression, and I suffered from the inability to act on my depression. My family suffered, too. Good job. Keep up the good work.


Dear J.P.: Thanks for your kind comments. Depression is often a disease of shame. People are afraid to "admit" they have it and they need help. Counseling, medications and improving your home and work life only come after you "just say yes" and then seek help.

We need to move depression, and for that matter all mental-illness issues, out of the closet and into the open so we can shed light on those dark spaces so many people are in.

Dear Dr. Zorba: I fell two weeks ago - backward. I had no warning, just felt my head hitting the floor. I had a big goose egg but didn't blackout or vomit, so I knew I was OK. But the next day, boy, oh, boy, was I hurting. I went to my doctor, who took X-rays. Nothing broken, but the pain still hurts and hurts.

Last night, I had a Southern Comfort before dinner, but, of course, that's something I can't do every day. I've had three falls in the past four years, and all took time to get better.

Should I see a neurologist? I'm a very fit 83-year-old who doesn't think she's really that old.


Dear M.B.: Congrats on being an 83-year-old who doesn't think she's an 83-year-old. You're right to have that view, but I'm afraid your bones and joints may not agree with you.

I've been watching my beautiful 1-year-old granddaughter walk, fall, walk and fall. Nothing breaks. She cries for a moment and then moves on. …

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