Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Columnist Agenda

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Columnist Agenda

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DID you celebrate Valentine's Day this week? If you did, then great, no bother, you can stop reading now.

Go on. Off you pop. I've enjoyed our short time together today, and I'll see you next week.

If you didn't, because you felt you had no one to celebrate it with, what were you thinking? Some of the best Valentine's Days I've ever had, were as a single lass on karaoke nights, with my equally-single mates.

Competing to see who could sing the worst love ballads, the most bitterly, I laughed so hard one year, I feel off the stage, midcroon.

Give it a go this weekend, and thank me later.

But if you are in a relationship, and you didn't have some romance this week then we need to have a chat.

The way I see it, there are two types of people, in relationships, that don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

The Instigators and The Reactors.

The Instigators are the folk who decided, at some point in their life, that Valentine's Day wasn't worth celebrating.

They don't like to give specific reasons for this. So they tell the rest of us it's "the principle" of it.

Which confuses and worries me, in equal measure.

Principles are the foundational theories we build our entire lives on. The details our psyches deem, as the irrefutable truths of our own personal universe.

Anyone whose system of belief is based on not spending PS1.99 on a card annually is in trouble.

Anyone whose fundamental chain of reasoning tells them, that in this day and age - where fear is rife, and hatred is prolific - that they should choose to deliberately not celebrate love.

Out of some deep-seated need to be subversive, in the face of such a heavily marketed day.

Well, that person needs to ask themselves what they are doing in a relationship at all.

Because very rarely will both people in a relationship, choose to shun Valentine's Day.

It's generally the more dominant personality, of the two halves. Leaving the other person feeling horrible. …

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