Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Half the Police News Is Better Than None

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Half the Police News Is Better Than None

Article excerpt

Byline: Terry Dickson

Every time you see Donald Trump, he's complaining about fake news, but the following news is real, gleaned from Brunswick police reports.

Usually, we reporters dig deeper to get as many facts as we can, but not this time because the real story can't be as interesting as the synopsis. Let's start with one from a liquor store.

"Complainant called and said people were using 10-60 around business."

This one's a mystery. A search of the police radio 10 codes say that 10-60 means there's an ambulance squad in the vicinity. I think maybe it should have read that people were doing 10-No. 1, but who knows?

A report of a theft from a convenience store says simply, "A [man] took a beer."

The evidence may have been 10-60ed into the bushes somewhere before police arrived. Good luck collecting it.

"Argument between an older male and his drug dealer that he owes $60 to. 'Victim' refused to pursue the matter and just wanted to leave," the report says.

If the police show up while I'm trying to strong arm an old man over a drug debt, I'm going to try to convince the officer the disagreement was actually about the Atlanta Braves' chances of a winning season. Nothing to see here, officer.

"Officer completed crash report in reference to a Glynn Middle School teacher striking a walking student with the mirror of his personal vehicle."

Someone should sue the maker of the vehicle for not having the warning, "Students in the mirror are closer than they appear." Happily there were no reports of a serious injury.

"Officers responded to a 4 year old missing from the store. While officers were on the way, child was found hiding on a shelf."

Happily, the kid wasn't in the frozen food section. I can identify with this one. When she was that age, our daughter Jessica took great pleasure in hiding from us in malls and stores. …

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