Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Here's Why Voter Fraud Probe Is Needed

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Here's Why Voter Fraud Probe Is Needed

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Byline: David Keller

The 1993 Motor Voter Act and the 1993 National Voter Registration Act compelled states to offer voter registration during driver license application or renewal or application for benefits.

If license or benefit were awarded and if a box attesting to citizenship was checked, the law required registration without requirement of further verification. It was never to be asked if you are a citizen and wish to register to vote, only do you wish to register to vote.

If a non-resident intentionally or unintentionally (by checking a box) attested citizenship, got registered and voted, it's a felony. The Justice Department under former President Barack Obama discouraged prosecution, encouraged same from the states and further refused to enforce a requirement for states to periodically validate and purge unauthorized voters from voting lists as required by the National Voter Registration Act.

Non-citizen voting heavily favors Democrats. The Justice Department and heavily populated blue state Democrats, left-wing organizations supported by donors and the ACLU have actively opposed efforts to remedy or prevent non-citizen voting. Politically damning accusations of bigotry became a weapon used.

A Cooperative Congressional Election Study was conducted by Old Dominion and George Mason universities. Two 200 question surveys were conducted; respectively, the response was 32,800 and 55,400 respondents.

Based upon compelling statistical analysis of data collected and weighting to correct sampling variance, it was concluded that as many as 14.1 percent of non-citizens were registered to vote and as many as 6.4 percent were likely to have cast ballots. According to 2013 census based data, there were 19.4 million adult non-citizens country wide. To many, this was a politically unpopular and ideological unpalatable result and of course generated attempts to disparage.

Political attacks abounded. Authors defended the report against claims of methodology deficiency. The Cooperative Congressional Election Study was never totally debunked as has been claimed by some. The report concluded that the proportion of non-citizens who voted was less than 15 percent but much greater than zero. …

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