Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

A Bit Cold on the Idea of PS30m Snow Centre

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

A Bit Cold on the Idea of PS30m Snow Centre

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REGARDING the PS30m Middlesbrough snow centre - approved with unanimous backing (The Gazette, Snow-Brainer, 01.04.17).

When it come to creating sports establishments, is skiing really the right choice? Eston Ski Village opened in March 1992. It was initially intended to have six massive ski runs and two miles of piste.

By 1996 it was miles of overgrown grass, a victim of the recession.

Although the new ski centre is planned to be indoors, the recession is still alive and kicking.

Skiing is a sport usually reserved for those with lots of money, as clearly illustrated glancing at the prices of similar ski centres.

Add to this Middlesbrough's track record getting things off the ground - it does not instil confidence. Like most projections they go downhill fast. No doubt this project will end up half-finished and abandoned.

A large freezer centre with a "To Let" sign banged on it. Then, maybe Iceland or FarmFoods could move in.

STEPHEN DIXON, Redcar Reform House of Lords, not abolish THE House of Lords should be retained but reformed!

I disagree with S J Vassalco that the House of Lords should be abolished (The Gazette 01.04.17).

The unelected House of Lords has a constitutional function as a scrutinising and revising chamber which can ask the House of Commons to "think again". Of course, if the elected House of Commons refuses to listen - as with the recent Brexit Bill - the House of Lords usually, and sensibly, backs down There is, however, no justification for hereditary peers or bishops sitting in the Lords.

They should be removed, or phased out, to arrive at a House of Lords consisting totally of life peers who, in theory at least, are appointed on merit.

The danger of an elected House of Lords is that it would have a democratic mandate to challenge the Commons, leading to constant stalemates, as we witness in Washington.

The House of Lords has its uses, but it is in dire need of reform!

STEVE KAY, Lockwood Ward Councillor Lack of Labour MPs at Corbyn's trip MANY people reading the local press, especially Labour activists, will be wondering why some senior politicians in the Tees Valley appear to have snubbed Jeremy Corbyn their leader (The Gazette 01. …

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