Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Say Goodbye to Nappies; the Mums Disposing of Disposables

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Say Goodbye to Nappies; the Mums Disposing of Disposables

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Byline: Alexia Purcell

ELIMINATION communication. Up until a couple of weeks ago you'd probably never heard of it. Or maybe you missed that story about the Queensland mum who has "never used a nappy and never plans to".

She is practising elimination communication - also known as natural infant hygiene, infant potty training, diaper-free - or here in Australia, nappy-free.

It is a system of toilet training, a method that involves observing the baby and looking for toileting cues, according to a New South Wales nappy-free advocate, Nicole Moore.

Nicole first went nappy-free with her eldest 14 years ago and made a film about the process.

"I used to go around doing talks and demonstrations but I made a film and used to show it and do a Q&A," she said.

The mother of two said she started the film project when her eldest was six months old and today the DVD Nappy Free! has been sold across Australia.

But Nicole said nappy-free is still not common practice in Australia, despite 80% of the world doing it.

"It is still practised in Africa and Asia and it is extremely common even today in modern China," Nicole said.

"But it isn't mainstream here.

"It is more common in alternative parenting cycles but that's because nappy-free goes hand-in-hand with other attachment practices such as baby wearing, co-sleeping and prolonged breastfeeding."

Nicole describes nappy-free as a way to "reduce the ecological footprint of each child".

"There are eight steps to go through before a nappy reaches the baby's bottom.

"This way you can make those disposables go further."

Nicole also said nappy-free doesn't mean not using nappies, ever.

"Nappy-free is also about being free to choose," she said.

"It's about being free to choose how and when you use them, you can use a nappy and take it off for the baby to do a wee.

"Sometimes I would use them at night and very often I'd use an open cloth nappy on my lap."

So how would one go about going nappy-free should they decide to?

"You need to be really relaxed about the process. If you're not okay about wee on your lap occasionally then going nappy-free is probably not for you. …

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