Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Not Feng Shui but Food Shui; Rearrange Your Kitchen to Lose Weight

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Not Feng Shui but Food Shui; Rearrange Your Kitchen to Lose Weight

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Byline: Susie Burrell

WHEN it comes to diets, weight loss and nutrition, the information available remains very food focused - eat this not that; swap this for that and these foods are bad and these foods are even worse.

Far less attention is given to the way we eat and the food environments in which we live. Specifically, we rarely talk about the way our own kitchens can be conducive to losing weight, or even weight gain.

So here are the easiest ways to reorganise your kitchen in a way that will support both healthy eating and weight control.

Out of sight, out of mind

Human beings will eat what is readily available to them. This means that if you open the fridge or the cupboard and see leftover chocolates from Christmas or a packet of cheese, you are much more likely to eat it, hungry or not.

For this reason, keeping food, especially tempting foods out of sight is a key step to not only avoid eating foods you do not want to be eating, but to help avoid mindless munching. This means packing away food packets so you actually have to go searching to find them; repackaging tempting foods such as biscuits and snack food so you cannot see the packets and making sure the first foods you see when you open the fridge or pantry are not unhealthy options that you can grab and munch on quickly.

Make healthy options easier

If you keep fresh fruits, vegetables and water as the easy go-to options in your home you will eat more fruit and vegetables and drink more water. It is that simple. This means keeping a bowl of fresh fruit within easy reach at home; keeping a supply of chopped vegetables on the first shelf of the fridge so you see it as soon as you open the fridge door and keeping chilled still or sparkling water within easy reach. Even better, consider installing a filtered water tap at home so you always have access to cold still or sparkling filtered water.

What are you eating on?

The plates, cups and spoons we choose directly influence how much we eat every single day. …

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