Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

There Is a Downside to All of This Dry Weather

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

There Is a Downside to All of This Dry Weather

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THERE'S a common factor in Eston Hills fires!

I'm amazed that, in the recent story about the torching of Eston Hills, there is absolutely no mention of the weather (The Gazette, 29.04.17).

I have an affinity with Eston Hills. My family came from Eston, and dad used to recount the fun and games he'd had on the hills as a boy.

My own childhood was spent in Ormesby, and we had a magnificent view of the hills from our back window.

As I grew older, my friends and I spent many happy times exploring up there.

Even in those days, I was horrified when the hills caught fire and were frequently burned black, from top to bottom.

But, inevitably, this horrendous devastation came to pass during spells of very dry weather. Just like we've had this year! In dry weather, it is more likely that potential fire raisers will go on to the hills.

In dry weather, they have a much better chance of getting a blaze started. In dry weather, a small fire will quickly turn into a dangerous and devastating conflagration.

There is absolutely no excuse for fire raisers; they should feel the full force of the law. But, it is obvious that this year's dry weather has greatly increased the destruction they've caused.

STEVE KAY, Redcar and Cleveland Councillor Roads are still in a shocking state OUR new development in Skelton is now taking shape and will bring jobs and people into our area. The future looks bright and in view of this you would think that all the approach roads in this area would be the numberone priority, but once again they are in a shocking state.

Potholes day by day are turning into gaping holes, which make motorists very unhappy.

It is no good just putting little patches over the holes, this was done just before Christmas. What a waste of time and money.

Our Labour Council at Redcar and Cleveland should do proper work on these roads - not just a patch - or demand that whoever owns this land do something now.

Things left will only get worse and Skelton deserves better. We want action not later - but now.

CLLR JAMES CARROLLE, Conservative Skelton and Brotton Parish Council.

The rot started with the Iron Lady THE letter "work experience for a man with 37 years' graft" is a absolute outrage.

Having worked in industry for over 45 years, there are no jobs where one can better oneself.

There is a lot of discrimination, both race and age.

Most politicians have quit caring and tend to put the blame on the other, but we all know the rot started under the Iron Lady.

I remember in the Eighties working at Shell, Teesport, a modern refinery. It was sacrificed for Stanlow in the Tory heartlands, to win the General Election.

Sadly each day the economic decline is hitting those vulnerable, especially the unskilled. …

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