Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

I Will Vote for Who I Want, Regardless of Where I Live

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

I Will Vote for Who I Want, Regardless of Where I Live

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I TEND to read most letters sent to The Gazette and, in reading a recent page, I note that someone is not happy at being told to be Labour, because he comes from a Labour area, and is going against what that stands for.

I come from that same area, and working background, but I totally refuse to buckle under to the brainwashed Labourites I happen to live amongst.

I live in a democracy, and claim my right to vote for whoever I feel is right for me and, although I don't trust any of them, I couldn't vote for Corbyn if he was the only one available.

The only leader I trust less than him is Nicola Sturgeon, and I can leave the Scottish to put up with her.

If there is still anyone out there who thinks they can brainwash us into voting for their ridiculous ancient reasons, then think again. My vote will always be MY VOTE, and, currently, Labour are last but one on my list, SNP being last.

IAN THREADGILL, Billingham 'Hard Brexit means hard times' T Welburn is right to say "UKIP is a spent force" (The Gazette 22.07.17).

UKIP has stood down to support the Tories in many constituencies, including mine.

But he is wrong to say that I support "having another Brexit referendum".

Last June, we, the British people, voted to leave the EU. As a democrat, I accept the result and we are now on our way out. But on what terms? Theresa May's 'Hard Brexit',' supported by UKIP, would mean 'hard times' for generations to come.

As with last year's referen-dum, whether or not to accept the terms on offer should be decided by the British people, not by one political party.

In two years we will know the terms of our leaving the EU.

Then we should be given the opportunity to decide if they are acceptable.

Or is T Welburn saying we should leave the EU "at any price" no matter what the terms are? CHRIS FOOTE-WOOD, Lib Dem candidate for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Why silence on rape claim investigation? I FIND it somewhat strange why the public is not being told why the woman arrested "on suspicion of wasting police time" in Redcar is not to be charged by the police.

Following this rape investigation in Redcar, shouldn't it be the duty of the police to make a statement detailing their reasons for not charging this woman? After all, this investigation not only wasted a lot of valuable police time but also cost a great deal of money.

The initial news reporting the "rape incident" also created an immense amount of public discussion.

So why is the public not being informed of the reasons for her release without charge? Why the silence? KENNY SURTEES, Middlesbrough May taking huge risk with Tory manifesto WHEN it comes to older people, the Tory manifesto contains an arrogance built on overconfidence. …

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