Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Zero Hours - Zero Work, but Not 'Unemployed'

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Zero Hours - Zero Work, but Not 'Unemployed'

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THE North-east is no longer the unemployment capital of the UK ('Regions jobless rate less than capital' The Gazette 24.05.17).

London now has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Not so many decades ago the Tories suggested unemployed Teessiders "get on their bike" to find work. Now the locals have been told to stop peddling because London's job market has just had a puncture.

Apparently, the North-east is now the land of milk and honey ... if you like a zero-hours contract. The North-east has the highest rate of zero-hours contracts of anywhere in the country.

The Government prefer to call this the 'Gig economy' to sound trendy and appeal to younger people. But these contracts are no better than a retro schoolaged Saturday job. Chances are you could be on a zero-hours contract and be offered no work - ever. Yet the Government have just capitulated you off the unemployment figures, along with the other million or so.

STEPHEN DIXON, Redcar Charges not strong enough from CPS RE Ted Prest's letter 24/5/17 Justice Not Strong Enough.

A number of times I have written in this paper about the failure of the justice system for the victims of crime.

In a lot of cases the nature of the charges have been reduced by the Crown Prosecution Service, much to the disgust of police officers who investigate the crime, and also the victim.

In a case just recently a judge demanded a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service with regards a man only charged with ABH instead of GBH, which led to a lower sentence being given to the man who beat his girlfriend.

As the judge stated, his hands were tied as far as sentencing was concerned because of the lower charge.

Nothing is disheartening of police being told by reduce the I for one ask are the Crown Prosecution Service now fit for purpose, as the cases are judged on a merit of 'can we get 100% conviction?' If a doubt exists, the service reduces the charge.

Jeff In the old days when the police service made the decision on prosecution or caution, more cases went on for prosecution and got results at court. Nothing is more disheartening for a team of police officers working and getting evidence files together, than being told by CPS to reduce the charge to a lesser one, when the officers have the better picture and the supporting evidence.

I would go as far as suggesting Chief Constables now bring into question the viability and commitment of the CPS. Jeff Burton, Stockton more for a team than CPS to Charge.

Compulsory ID should be required SURELY it must have occurred to the UK Government policy makers that we have at present a record volume of undocumented people in this country committing a very high volume of crime and fraud - subsequently always unsolved due to their lack of domicile status identification - and sadly it is increasing daily. …

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