Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

I'm Fed Up of Trailer Trash Talk

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

I'm Fed Up of Trailer Trash Talk

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Byline: gary bainbridge One man's struggle with the 21st century. Follow Gary on Twitter @Gary_Bainbridge or email him at

WENT to see Wonder Woman at the cinema, because where else would I see her? I settled in my seat with about PS12 worth of fizzy pop, ie a medium-sized cup, and realised that by the time I was let out of the auditorium, following half an hour of adverts and trailers and a two-and-ahalf-hour film, that I would regret this purchase for more than financial reasons.

As a result, I can tell you that Wonder Woman is an excellent film, and I would highly recommend it to people who like excellent films. It is a far better DC Comics film than the dismal Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

In fact, it was so good that it was worth having to listen to Ooh The Trailers Man.

If you do not go to the cinema very often - for example, if you are a person who still calls it "going to the pictures" and doesn't think that Pearl & Dean are a jungle/drum & bass duo - then you will not know about Ooh The Trailers Man.

Ooh The Trailers Man is the most irritating innovation in cinema-going since they started making 3D versions of films and glasses that you have to wear over your actual glasses.

His voice pops up first before the adverts, when he tells the audience to shut up and be quiet and turn their phones off. Now I am 100% behind his message here. There is a difference between paying out half your monthly mortgage to appreciate a film properly and watching it in your living room with people who keep asking you what's happening now and what he was in with thingy from that other one.

But he cannot just tell people to shut up and be quiet because that is not how we do things these days. Oh, no, Ooh The Trailers Man has to pretend to be your "mate", like a trendy vicar.

And so he says things like, "Come on, now, let's switch our phones off and finish our conversations. Yes, that's right, I mean you in the middle row. You cheeky monkey. Come on, a joke's a joke."

And then, when the trailers are about to start, he says, "Ooh, the trailers" - hence his name - "This is the best bit. …

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