Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Dead Weight of the Long Wait

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Dead Weight of the Long Wait

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Byline: Terry Dickson

BRUNSWICK, GA. | I'm very bored. I hate to wait, but here I sit in the office biding my time - company time, actually - waiting for AT&T to come restore my internet service.

I should be out interviewing somebody for a column, but no.

Let's see. Ten down. Roamer of the Serengeti. Must be gnu, because wildebeest won't fit.

I've had worse waits than this; 30-plus years ago, for example, when the hours stacked up at Anderson Memorial Hospital as we waited for Chelsea or Edmund Dickson to be born. When she arrived, however, she wasn't qualified to be an Edmund and probably favored a Jessica Leigh so that's the name she got.

The waiting didn't end when she began. I can't tell you how much time I waited in a recliner watching Tom Brokaw as she got ready for school. Don't get me started on being late for church.

Just last October, I lay in the dark on a sofa in the living room in Jessica Leigh Dickson Malone's house waiting for the sun to come up. Hurricane Matthew had taken out the power, and I had a flashlight to get around a house that wasn't mine. Jessica, her husband Daniel, their son Benjamin and Vonette were up in South Carolina with working lights, a cold refrigerator and a TV. I had an iPhone, Vienna sausages and cold showers in the dark.

I've laid on my stomach beside a trail in the Que Son Valley or on Charlie Ridge waiting for someone to walk into our ambush and hoping they wouldn't. During the new moon, the night was a shade black Crayola doesn't have and I and some good men waited for a little gray to tinge the sky.

What a coincidence. Eleven across, barely lit. Dim, like that sky at 6 a.m. VST.

Doctors have waiting rooms with magazines apparently selected for the enjoyment of people whose tastes I do not share. That's not a bad thing, however, because my former physician put out National Geographics and I was a little disappointed when I got called back. …

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